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Many students choose their path to the Real World through the Pitt-Johnstown Division of Humanities. Programs in the Humanities - Literature, Writing, Communication, Theatre, Journalism, among others, - deepen your appreciation and understanding of the cultural forces that shape society and refine your ability to think critically and creatively and to communicate effectively. They help you explore the lands, languages, and arts of the world - both real and imagined - and reinforce the importance of communication between individuals and groups. Along with specific degree areas in the Humanities (listed on the previous page) on the Pitt-Johnstown campus, three concentrations are also offered for a general Humanities degree: Foreign Language and Literature; Philosophy and Literature; Thematic Cluster.

Students will take a number of credits in their chosen foreign language, which includes literature, civilization, and non-elementary language courses. This concentration is useful for students who truly want to learn about every facet of a chosen language and its originating country.

 Degree Requirements (.pdf)


Pitt-Johnstown offers many introductory and advanced Philosophy courses ranging from ethics and logic to the philosophy of religion, art, and science. Students will take a number of upper-level Philosophy courses, as well as English literature courses, offering them a broad perspective. As with all Humanities concentrations, the student and advisor from within the Humanities will choose a number of other Humanities courses to supplement the concentration.

Degree Requirements (.pdf)

The Thematic Cluster concentration offers a unique opportunity to students. In essence, it is a self-designed major within the Humanities, where the student will choose an area of interest (Art History, for instance) and build a curriculum around that field. Needless to say, the student must work closely with both an academic advisor and the chair of the Humanities Division to ensure that the Thematic Cluster fulfills all Humanities requirements.

Degree Requirements (.pdf)

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Last Reviewed: January 10, 2012