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What is Psychology?

Psychology is the study of behavior, in individuals and in groups, and the major emphasizes the theoretical, research, and applied foundations of the science.  Courses cover a wide variety of topics, from Personality Theory to Behavior Modification.  Research and interniships enhance the program's curriculum.


What can I do with a Psychology degree?

The Pitt-Johnstown Psychology program is designed to give students the skills needed to become psychological professionals and to prepare graduates for post-baccalaureate training.  Many states are now requiring that practicing psychologists be licensed and many state licenses require a Masters or PhD level training for Psychology or related fields.  Students who are interested in the mental health and human services fields will want to look into graduate level studies as current trends indicate this will become more important over time.  In addition, students interested in positions in industry, such as personnel work or human factors, or in education, such as special education, educational psychology, or school psychology, will also benefit from a program that equips them for further training, since advancement in these fields also depends on post-baccalaureate training.

At the bachelor's level, psychology graduates are sought in fields like statistics, probation and corrections, public relations, health education, social work, human resources, recreational therapy, physician assisting, and much more.

 Program Mission Statement

The mission statement of the undergraduate program in Psychology is to produce graduates with skills & attitudes needed to become psychology professionals and to maximize the probability that graduates will be accepted for post-baccalaureate training, who continue to learn about psychological issues after graduation.


What kind of courses will I take?

The courses listed below are only a small glimpse into the Psychology courses available on our campus. To view the full list of Psychology course descriptions, click here.

A summary of the present knowledge in areas such as scientific research methods, learning, sensation and perception, the biological bases of behavior, developmental patterns, motivation, emotion, personality, social influences, psychopathology, and psychotherapies.


The study of behavior in the social environment. Social psychology concerns the manner in which the behavior, feelings, or thoughts of one individual are influenced or determined by the behavior of and/or characteristics of others. Primary emphasis is on current theories and research in social psychology with applications to problems of society also considered.

An introduction to the use of instrumental and Pavlovian training procedures in the modification of human behavior. The course covers the philosophical background (including ethical issues), the principles of instrumental and Pavlovian training, and applications to psychotherapy, education, and self-modification.



Psychology Links

These links have been provided for those who want more information on both the Pitt-Johnstown Psychology Program, and the world of Psychology as a whole.

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