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Spring 2014 - Housing Cancellations and Room Changes

Students wishing to adjust or cancel their housing assignment for Spring 2014 should review the information below.  

The online cancellation form is active now.

Private room requests are available for download now.  Spring term private room requests will be accepted at the Office of Housing and Residence Life when the office opens on Wendesday, November 7. 

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1. Cancellation of Housing Contract
Whatever one’s rationale and/or reason, the deadline for current residential students to cancel one’s existing housing contract is Friday, November 29.  Barring any outstanding balance on one’s account, all eligible* cancellations received on or before November 29 will receive a full refund of their initial $150.00 housing deposit.  Students cancelling to commute are not eligible to receive a refund of the housing deposit.  
To cancel your housing assignment, please complete the online form found here.  (Please note that this link will direct you away from the Pitt-Johnstown website to a Google form).
Students may cancel their housing for Spring 2012 with no penatly and receive a refund of the housing deposit for the following reasons.  Cancellations must be received by November 30. 
  • Withdrawing from the University.
  • Graduating.
  • Studying Abroad.
  • Relocating to another Pitt campus
  • Transferring to another institution 

*Cancelling your housing contract to commute from home or elsewhere, is not an eligible cancellation and will result in the forfeiture of your housing deposit and appropriate penalties.  Students who wish to commute must also submit a completed "Request fo Release from Housing Contract " form.

2. Changing Housing Assignments
As students cancel and/or change their housing assignments for Spring Term, all vacancies will be posted on the “Spring Term Vacancies” display on the Housing and Residence Life Office window in the Student Union.  These vacancies can be viewed even when the Office is closed.  
Please note:  All moves must be pre-approved by the Office of Housing & Residence Life. All moves scheduled fo the spring term must be completed before the student leaves for Winter Break.  
To secure a vacancy . . .
  • …between November 4 and November 29 - Get written consent from the remaining roommate(s) and bring it to the Office of Housing and Residence Life.  Consent may also be emailed to 
  • …between December 2 and December 6 - Roommate consent is NOT necessary.  Indicate to the Office of Housing and Residence Life which vacancy you choose from the “Spring Term Vacancies” display.  
NOTE:   First-year students ARE NOT permitted to move to upperclassmen facilities.  First-year students may only move within/between designated first-year buildings – Hemlock, Hickory, Laurel, Maple, and Oak Halls.

3. Request for Private Accommodations

If interested in private accommodations for Spring Term, complete a Private Room Request, available for download here.  This form should be submitted to the Housing Office, 130 Student Union.   You cannot submit this form online.

Please Note:   If you previously submitted a private room request for the Fall 2013 term, that request will remain active.  You do not need to submit an additional request.

Private Room Requests

4. Situation Wanted
Looking for a specific type of accommodation and/or specific characteristics in a roommate?  Use the “Situation Wanted” board at Housing and Residence Life to advertise your specific needs for a housing assignment.  Students with vacancies in their rooms/apartments are also encouraged to post “Situation Wanted” information.