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Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Follow all of the tips on the pages of the Personal Counseling Center's website entitled:

                 Rohypnol ("Roofies") - The Date Rape Drug

                 Alcohol as a Date Rape Drug.

                 Sexual Victimization

  • Female college freshmen are at the highest risk for sexual assault, particularly between the first day of school and Thanksgiving break.
  • Sexual assaults in college are more likely to occur at night and in either the victim's or else the offender's residence.
  • 90% of campus rapes involve alcohol use by the victim and/or the offender.
  • For women who have been raped while a college student, 9 out of 10 offenders were know to the victim.
  • 1 out of 10 college women have been raped in their lifetime.
  • 10% of all sexual assaults and rapes happen to men.
  • Alcohol use is very typically associated with sexual assault. You put yourself at risk in situations where alcohol is being consumed.
  • Protect yourself by staying sober.
  • When people are drunk or high, its harder to communicate about sexual decision making. People are more likely to use force and coercion while under the influence.
  • Being alone with someone you don't know well is risky behavior! Watch out for warning signs like disrespectful language, controlling or aggressive behavior, and unwanted physical contact.
  • Let others know what you want and what you don't want. If you don't want to have sex, say "NO."
  • Trust your instincts. If you don't feel comfortable, get out of the situation. Right away! Do it!
  • Take a self-defense course. These are offerred by the Pitt-Johnstown Campus Police. Call them for information x7005.
  • If someone doesn't want to have sex, it may not mean they don't like you. Distinguish between personal rejection and their desire not to have sex.
  • Confront sexist comments or rape "jokes." This will create a safer environment for everyone.

If you are sexually assaulted, click here to our web page and scroll down to the location which provides insrtuctions on what to do. ("What you should do if you are sexually assaulted").



Last Reviewed: December 16, 2004