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What is Electrical Engineering Technology?

The Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program, primarily an application oriented approach, allows students to gain experience with engineering fundamentals while in the classroom.  Electrical Engineering touches virtually every facet of our lives.  Although it is a single discipline, Electrical Engineering is best described as several related and intertwined technical areas: Automatic Control, Communications, Power and Machinery, Computers, and Electronics.


What can I do with an Electrical Engineering Technology Degree?

Electrical Engineering is a broad and challenging field that offers employment and career opportunities ranging from research and product development to engineering sales.  The Pitt-Johnstown Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program prepares students to work in the areas of product design and manufacture, systems integration, plant operations, field support and engineering sales.  Pitt-Johnstown EET graduates have been employed by a wide variety of nationally recognized companies including Microsoft, General Electric, Texas Instruments, Sony, Sprint and the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

 Program Mission Statement

The Engineering Technology Division of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown shares and supports the mission of Pitt-Johnstown.  The mission of the Engineering Technology Division is to:

  • Provide each student with a high quality, interdisciplinary, ABET accredited, baccalaureate engineering technology education, emphasizing engineering and scientific fundamentals
  • Provide each student with experiences in the application of current tools and professional practices stressing analysis, design, development, and management principles
  • Instill in each student an appreciation for the roles of collaboration, lifelong learning, ethical standards, and diversity in solving technological problems of industry and society
  • Instill in each student the desire to become a contributing member of their community and profession
  • Ensure graduates have the requisite leadership, communication and technical skills to compete in the regional, national, and global marketplace
  • Be a technical resource for regional businesses and industries

What kind of courses will I take? 

The courses listed below are only a small glimpse into the Electrical Engineering Technology courses available on our campus. To view the full list of Electrical Engineering Technology course descriptions, click here.

Introduction to circuit elements; resistance, inductance, capacitance, Kirchoff's voltage and current laws; basic techniques of DC and AC circuits analysis, loop and node equations; AC network problems; three-phase AC; magnetics; and transformers.

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to discrete time signals and the systems that are used to process them. Topics studied include sampling and aliasing, recursive and nonrecursive digital filters (analysis and design), the Z-transform, and both the discrete and fast Fourier transform. The rapid and continuing decrease in the cost of computing facilities enhances the value of the study of digital techniques of signal processing.

Application of linear and nonlinear solid state devices to circuits and control systems for power supply regulation, direct current silicone-controlled rectifier (DC SCR) motor controls, alternating current (AC) variable speed motor controls, and inverters, induction heating with radio frequency, electro optics, high voltage power supplies, and TV circuits.


Electrical Engineering Technology Links

These links have been provided for those who want more information on both the Pitt-Johnstown Electrical Engineering Technology Program, and the world of Electrical Engineering Technology as a whole.

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