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What is Professional Writing?

The emphasis in the Professional Writing program includes a tiered system of introductory, intermediate, and advanced writing courses in these areas: Narrative Nonfiction, Digital Writing, Feature Writing, Public Relations, and Technical Writing.  A fifteen-hour related area will help students learn the terminology of the fields in which they plan to seek employment.


What can I do with a Professional Writing degree?

Most students who earn a B.A. in Professional Writing will seek employment as writers and editors in such fields as business, engineering, health care, and media outlets.  A smaller number of students plan to go to law school or seek graduate professional writing degrees.

Program Mission Statement 

The program in Professional Writing supports the mission of Pitt-Johnstown, namely, "to guide students in developing disciplined, informed thinking; communication skills; problem solving skills; strategies for informational access; respect for the views of others; and a lifetime love of learning."

The emphasis in Professional Writing provides students with study and training in a variety of forms, including narrative nonfiction, digital writing, public relatons writing, and technical writing.


What kind of courses will I take?

The courses listed below are only a small glimpse into the Professional Writing courses available on our campus. To view the full list of Professional Writing course descriptions, click here.

This course introduces students to several forms of professional writing, such as review and profile writing, public relations and marketing writing, and writing on the web.  Students will compose, revise, and edit their own texts and also read and study real world examples of professional writing.

An advanced writing course designed to hone creative nonfiction skills through extensive writing, workshop style peer critiques, and in-depth reading.  Several of the subgenres of creative nonfiction to be studied and practiced include nature writing, travel writing, science writing, biographical profile, and historical incident.  Accurate description, scenic representation, and narrative framing will be among the technical devices considered.

Prepares students to deal with problems of technological communication in various fields. Includes analysis, development, use, and evaluation of various models employed in the process of technical writing.
This course will allow qualified students majoring in English Writing to work under an employer's supervision while developing and completing writing tasks relevant to their eventual employment.  Students could write in any number of forms (memos, letters, reports, web pages, press releases, etc.) and would devote at least 50% of their time to drafting, revising, and finalizing various documents for an employer.


Professional Writing Links

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