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Majoring in English at Pitt-Johnstown

The English Literature program, leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree, offers in-depth study of a range of genres, works, and authors in English and American literature and culture - from classical to contemporary.  Courses in literary criticism are also included in the program requirements.


What can I do with an English Literature Degree?

The BA in English Literature is one of the most versatile degrees at Pitt-Johnstown.  Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in journalism and feature writing, public relations, web consulting, and education, among others.  The major also provides one of the best preparations for law school; English majors have one of the highest acceptance rates to law school nationally, compared to other majors.  English Literature is also an excellent preparation for taking the Civil Service examination, opening up to careers in government service, either federally or in state government.

Our graduates have also gone on to complete the MA and PhD graduate programs in English Literature.
Interested students in other majors who choose to minor in English Literature, also find this preparation an asset in pursuing further education or in entering the job market, particularly for majors in Business, Communication, and Creative and Professional Writing.

 Program Mission Statement

The English Literature Department supports the mission of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, namely, "to guide students in developing disciplined, informed thinking; communications skills; problem-solving skills; strategies for information access; respect for the views of others; and a lifetime love of learning."


What kind of courses will I take?

The courses listed below are a sample of the English Literature courses available on our campus. To view the full list of English Literature course descriptions, click here.

This course will focus on a number of Shakespeare's major plays from all phases of his career.  Class discussion will consider the historical context of the plays, their characterization, theatrical technique, imagery, language, and themes.  Every attempt will be made to see the plays both as poems and dramatic events. 

This course considers the full range of American drama, but emphasizes the development and achievement of American theater in the last 100 years.  It focuses on the major movements, the formal experimentations, the defining voices, and the distinguishing themes of American theater.

This course examines major works in the modernist tradition-poetry, fiction, drama-to determine the role these texts have played in creating the world that seems so familiar now.

Meet our English Literature Faculty

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Last Reviewed: January 10, 2012