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What is Communication?

The study of Communication allows students to examine the role of communication in all areas of life including interpersonal communication, organizational communication, gender communication, and small group communication just to name a few.  Communication is a dynamic, exciting, and ever-changing discipline that examines the phenomenon of human interaction.  If you are curious about the world around you and want to improve your professional and personal relationships, then communication is the right major for you!


What can I do with a Communication Degree?

A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication allows for a wide variety of job opportunities for students after graduation in areas such as human resources, advertising, publications, research and development, sales, and training departments.   

At Pitt-Johnstown we offer a number of related areas in communication to expand your career field.  The most common related areas are:

- Public Relations and Advertising
- Journalism and Writing
- Media Communication
- Organizational Communication
- Political and Government Communication
- Theater

 Program Mission Statement

The Communication Department supports the mission of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, namely, "to guide students in developing disciplined, informed thinking; communications skills; problem-solving skills; strategies for information access; respect for the views of others; and a lifetime love of learning."

More specifically, we are committed to developing research, thinking, writing, speaking, listening, team-building, and leadership skills. We study the processes of interaction in a variety of contexts, cultures, and styles. We teach the ability to interact ethically, confidently, and effectively in an increasingly diverse society.


What kind of courses will I take?

The courses listed below are only a sample of the Communication courses available. To view the full list of Communication course descriptions, click here

Students recieve an introduction to communication theory with consideration given to how theoretical stances relate to areas of communication. These areas include interpersonal communication, small-group communication, mass communication, organizational communication, and gender issues in communication.

This course offers an analysis of various foreign cultures and U.S. subcultures focusing on communication behavior. Students will learn about the attitudes held by each group and problems that may arise in exchange of ideas between groups are studied.

This course offers an examination of nonverbal communication channels including physical characteristics and movements of communicators, as well as spatial and environmental influences on the communication process.


Communication Links

These links have been provided for those who want more information on both the Pitt-Johnstown Communication Program, and the world of Communication as a whole.

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