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Language, Literature, and Culture

RealWorld Interest Groups - Language, Literature and CultureDo you have a love for good books and other writings?  Do you enjoy reading classical works or like to write?  Can you speak, or do you want to learn to speak, a foreign language?  If so, the Language, Literature and Culture group may be right for you.  This group is designed for students who appreciate literature and other languages.  Students who
enjoy reading and writing will be comfortable in this group.
Possible majors/minors:
  • Communications
  • Creative Writing
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Pre-Law
  • Professional Writing
  • French Minor
  • German Minor
  • Spanish Minor
**It is important to note that while related majors and minors have been suggested for each RealWorld Interest Group, membership in a group is not necessarily connected to those specific majors and minors.