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What is the FYSP? 

The First-Year Success Program (FYSP) is designed to facilitate students in transition to their first year of college with regard to essential elements of success including effective study strategies, time management, exam preparation, decision making and personal responsibility/accountability.  The FYSP operates in a holistic fashion to develop the academic, personal and motivational constituents of the individual.


 How does it work? 

FYSP program components are tailored individually based upon collaborative efforts with the program coordinator.  Components include the following as deemed appropriate based upon individual needs: scheduled study hours in the Academic Success Center (ASC), class attendance agreement, course grade logs, mid-term grade records, regular meetings with program coordinator and tutoring agreements.


 Why is it beneficial? 
  • The transition from high school to college yields significant change in relation to academic, individual and social aspects of development.  This life change can easily become overwhelming.  However, participation in the FYSP will ease the process of assimilation via heightened support, mentoring and guidance.
  • Many students find that the amount of effort they exerted into their high school studies will not yield that same level of success in college.  The FYSP is designed to develop student character qualities, habits and motivation necessary for college success.
  • Data from the 2008-2009 academic year indicates that students who actively participated in the FYSP averaged 1.13 points higher in cumulative GPA scores across 2 semesters than those who did not participate.