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Welcome to Pitt-Johnstown!

Welcome to the next step!!!

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your academic achievement and to welcome you to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  We recognize that college is a BIG step...possibly the biggest you've ever taken.  Fortunately, it is not one huge step, but a series of smaller steps that add up.  While the next few months may seem overwhelming, the information that we've collected here should help you to plan for the what's next.

I have been what?

Come Visit Pitt-Johnstown

If you have not visited the campus or would like to come for a second look, we offer tours Monday through Friday. Call the Admissions Office at 1-855-LIKE-UPJ to schedule a tour.

 Attend Admitted  Student Programs

 Admitted Student Programs are offered several times throughout the Spring.

Commit to Pitt-Johnstown

 The deadline for the tuition deposit is May 1.  The deposit is $100.00. You should submit an Applicant Data Form along with the deposit.  You can send both of these to the Admissions Office.




Thinking about changing your major??

Contact the Admissions Office at


I am fully committed to Pitt-Johnstown.  When will I receive information about...

Financial Aid 

You can file the FAFSA any day after January 1.  We ask that you submit the FAFSA before April 1.  Pitt-Johnstown's code for filing the FAFSA is 008815.   


 Ebills are posted each month, between the 18th and 20th, in PittPAY when there are new or unpaid charges on the student account.   We will send an e-mail to your official University e-mail account announcing that your eBill is available. eBills will then be available to view and pay in PittPAY. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office at 814-269-7040.

 Health Forms

 The Admissions Office will send you a health form after you pay your $100.00 tuition deposit.  Contact Health Services if you have any additional questions at 814-269-7110.

 Pitt Username

Once you pay your deposit, you will receive a Pitt username and password from the University of Pittsburgh.  The username will help you register for Placement Exams and Academic Planning Days.  The username also serves as your Pitt e-mail address.  If you have any questions, please contact Information Technology at 412-624-4357.

Placement Exams 

 Placement exams are offered on the Pitt-Johnstown campus.  You will receive information about exam dates in the mail and information will also be posted online.  You can register for the exams online using your Pitt username.


Academic Planning Days take place over the summer.  These sessions provide you with the opportunity to get to know the Pitt-Johnstown campus, faculty, staff, regulations, procedures and obtain first semester advising.  You can register online using your Pitt username.  2014 Academic Planning dates are as follows...

June 16 - Natural Sciences, Undeclared

June 23 -  Education, Engineering Technology, Nursing & Health Sciences, Undeclared

June 30 -  Humanities, Social Sciences, Undeclared

July 7 - All Divisions

 Fall Schedule

 Using your placement exam scores, a class schedule will be made up for you.  You will receive your Fall schedule at your Academic Planning Day.  You will also have an opportunity to meet with a faculty member to discuss your schedule.

Campus Housing

If you plan to live on-campus, you will receive housing information after the May 1 deadline.  The Office of Housing and Residence Life will send you an information packet, which will include a housing contract and a roommate selection form.

Campus Dining

You will have several different dining options on the Pitt-Johnstown campus.  The dining venues offer you a wide variety of choices to choose from.  While you are at your Academic Planning day, you will be able to contract a meal plan to satifsy your needs.




Personal computers are optional on campus.  If you do not bring a computer to campus, you will have access to the computer labs located in Blackington Hall and Owen Library.  If you choose to bring a computer to campus, you have the option of buying a computer through the university's computer buy program.  You will receive information on buying a computer at your house.  You will also be provided with free software.

 Parking Permits

Every student has the option of having a car on campus.  You will receive information about parking on campus at your Academic Planning Day.  You can also stop in the Public Safefy Office in the Physical Plant Building, to obtain a parking permit and get information on parking regulations.

 Student IDs

You can have your picture taken for your Student ID anytime after you pay your $100.00 deposit.  Pictures are taken in Student Union G52.  You will get your Student ID during move in weekend. 




Move-In Weekend 

Thursday, August 21


What do I need to do before I start at Pitt-Johnstown?

Final High School Transcripts 

Contact your guidance counselor and ask them to send your final transcripts to the Admissions Office.   

Advanced Placement Credits

 If you have taken or will be taking any Advanced Placement Exams (AP Exams), please be sure to have your scores sent to Pitt-Johnstown.

 College Credits

If you are currently enrolled in courses within the Pitt-System, your college credits will automatically become part of your Pitt-Johnstown record.  If you are currently enrolled in courses outside of the Pitt-System, it is your responsiblity to get your transcripts sent to Pitt-Johnstown.  An official transcript, mailed from the college or university, is required for evaluation and transfer of credits.  Transcripts can be mailed to:

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Registrar's Office
Blackington Hall
Johnstown, PA 15904 

 Summer Reading

 Consider this your first assignment as a Pitt-Johnstown student.  Topics from the book will be discussed in University Scholarship.

Last Reviewed: June 3, 2009