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Poster Presentations

Spring 2008
All Posters will be in Heritage Hall
Abstracts for Poster are marked I if assigned to Poster Session I, and marked II, if assigned to Poster Session II. Posters have an assigned space denoted by an Arabic numeral.

Posters will be on display from 12:00 noon to 4:15 PM
  • Poster Session I: 1:30 to 2:30
  • Poster Session II: 3:15 to 4:15
Abstract Authors (alphabetical by registering author’s first name) Poster Title
II-1 Aarika L MacIntyre Use of Monoclonal Antibodies to Quantify Stable Conformers During Prion Infection
I-2 Aaron D Bierly
Jeremiah W Thomas
Allen L. Cook Spring Creek Preserve, Wyoming Summer Project
I-3 Aaron M Christ Mapping Wild Trout
II-4 Adam J Kovalchick Government, Lobbyists, and FDR’s Wheelchair: A Controversial Memorial to a Controversial Man
I-5 Alexander S Shroyer
Paul Pentz
Benzel's Bakery Data Acquisition System
II-6 Allison J Henderson Leonardo DaVinci’s Religious Artwork: Incorporation of Artistic Expression as Blasphemy.
II-7 Alvin Kline Site Suitability for Wind Turbines (Central City quadrangle)
I-8 Amanda M Hanbury Using GIS to find a suitable resort location
I-9 Andmoragan C Thomas The First Amendment and Child Pornography
I-10 Andmoragan C Thomas The Last Stage of the Woman Suffrage Movement
I-11 Andrew Klobuka Chemistry with Color! -(The way it should be)
II-12 Anthony Scaletta Wind Turbine Site Suitability GIS Demonstration Project: The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Campus
II-13 Antoine D Buie Flooding in the City of Harrisburg
I-14 Ashley P Williams Universal Precautions: What Nurses Need to Know
II-15 Benjamin M. Gajewski Site Suitability mapping for a vineyard in the Windber Quadrangle
I-16 Breanna M Weiland
Ashley A Kitko
Righting and Feeding in Crayfish
I-17 Caitlyn J Thomas
Matthew A Oberst
Brian C Lantz
Stone Hollow Equestrian Training Facility
I-18 Carlene M Barkley The Triage Nursing Process in the Department of Emergency Medicine
I-19 Kaleena H Bashore
Christopher A Schardt
Solid-Liquid Equilibrium in a Binary System
I-20 Christopher A Schardt Construction of Iron-Sulfur Clusters That Mimic the Core Active-Sites of Nitrogenase
I-21 Christopher A Schardt Synthesis and Characterization of a Ruthenium Dimer Complex as a Model of Electron Transport in Biological Systems
II-22 Christopher D Swihura Site Suitability Mapping: A Wildlife Reserve in Stoystown Pennsylvania
I-23 Chad G Sichak Motion Pictures and the First Amendment: A Case Study of Kids
I-24 Chad G Sichak Hypothetical High School in Richland Township
I-25 Cody M Gregg So Many Roads: A History of the Grateful Dead
II-26 Curtis J Irwin Sensation in Brooklyn : The Holy Virgin Mary Controversy and Museum Censorship
II-27 Curtis J Irwin The Meaning of Neutrality: Reconsidering Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886) and its Insulation from Political, Social, and Economic Pressures in Late 19th Century America
I-28 Daniel L Chorik Can You Hear Me Now: Using GIS to Locate a Potential Cell Site
II-29 Daniel S Burns
Kenneth F Robinson
J5 Policebot
II-30 Elyse M Pcola Gender differences in spatial location memory
I-31 Fred L. Mellott Percent Change of Coal Production in the Appalachian Basin from 1996 to 2006
II-32 Glynn L Collis Developable land parcels for Richland Township
II-33 Gregory A Lieb
Lucas M McCoy
Anthony J Vescovi
Wireless Mesh Network for Utilities
I-34 Gregory J Schnur
Jeffrey Dickerson
Nathan Milazzo
Blacklick Creek Bridge
I-35 Jason E Layman
Nathan H Adams
Danielle L Jones
Windber Church of God Worship and Recreation Center
II-36 Jessica L Johnston
Justin W Fyock
Michael R Bischof
Electrical System for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
I-37 Katherine E Cordek Forts Built in Pennsylvania During the French and Indian War (1754-1763)
II-38 Kelly L Stewart Patient Safety: Preventing Patient Falls
I-39 Kendra L Kuykendall
Jennifer R Conard
Scott M Barb
Effects of Typicality on Memory Confusions for Female Voice
I-40Kenneth A Hite Ventilator Associated Pneuomonia
I-41Lesley M Boettcher 3D Reconstruction
II-42Martin A Vrabel Social Studies Issue-Centered Education
I-43Matthew J Brough
Derrek V. Bosso
Jonathan R. Yochimowitz
Longview Senior Estates
I-44Matthew V Keiper Land Use in downtown Johnstown, Pennsylvania
I-45Michael J Benson Suitable Landfill Sites Using GIS
II-46Michael W Plazek Tubmill Watershed Conservation Project
I-47Philip B Wrona Pennsylvania Sedges: An Indicator of Conservation
I-48Rebecca A. Freudenberg
Andrew M Groft
Escape Patterns as Observed by Varying the Feeding Behavior and Threat Stimulus of Crayfish: Likelihood to Escape with Food Size and Feeding Pattern Variations
I-49Robert J Zeglin Prejudicial Attitudes Toward Mental and Physical Disabilities
II-50Robert S Kalas
Savannah L. Calhoun
Benjamin E Grounds
Erica N Hutchison
Memory Distortions for Speaking Rate of Speech
I-51Robert S Kalas
Benjamin E Grounds
Erica N Hutchison
Savannah L. Calhoun
Stereotypes of Physically and Speech Disabled as Detected
II-52Benjamin E Grounds
Savannah L. Calhoun
Erica N Hutchison
Infrahumanization Theories Applied Toward Disability
II-53Ronald J Walker Determining the Mechanism of Inhibition of Snake Venom Metalloproteases in a Snake
II-54Ross M Longo
Brandon T Odonnell
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Campus Load Flow Study
II-55Ryan T Young
Aaron W Roberts
Electric Supercharger
I-56Samantha L Zeznanski Decreasing Surgical Site Infections
I-57Sara E Bradbury Mapping Historical Lighthouses
II-58Sarah L Bloom The Secret Garden and Child Pornography Under the First Amendment
II-59Shane J Lint The American Psycho: A Study of Film Violence and its Regulation
I-60Shane R Bimeal Campaigns of General George S. Patton during World War II
II-61Shawn R Johnson Symbolizing Freedom: the Desecration of a Venerated Object and the First Amendment
II-62Abba T. Shettima
Shawn R Johnson
Jonathan F Martini
Modular Design for Developing Countries
I-63Ted E Dunn Post-Cardiac Catheterization Nursing Care
I-64Troy W. Bodenschatz
Michael L. Zerby, Jr.
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Concrete Canoe
I-65Tiffany A Bumbarger
Himanshu D. Patel
Determination of Molecular Constants and the Equilibrium Bond Length for HCl using Rotational-Vibrational Infrared Spectroscopy
II-66Tiffany A Bumbarger Investigating Possible Substrates for a Biosensor That Exploits Cytochrome P450
II-67Tiffany A Bumbarger Modeling Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Ruthenium Oxime Complexes
I-68Tiffany A Bumbarger PowerPoint Learning Modules in the Chemistry Classroom
II-69Tyler S Cole Does Speaker Image Affect Perception of Voice Typicality?
II-70William Resenic
Joseph E Gaeto
Justin T Bearer
Redwood Parking Structure
II-71Yvonne L Eaglehouse Catalytic Covalent Modification in the Inhibition of HIV1
I, II-72Michelle Capizzi
Brittany Hood
Courtney Golovich
The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown’s Business Department prepares our students for the Real World. The Management Internship Program’s Work Product on Display
I, II-73Kara Jones
Jake Gathers
Chris Conti
The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown’s Business Department prepares our students for the Real World. The Management Internship Program’s Work Product on Display