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Oral Presentations

Spring 2008

Note: Abstracts for oral presentations are marked with a T, give the session number (e.g., I), and give the approximate time of the talk (e.g., T-II, 2:30).

Session I  
12:45-1:30 DiGuglielmo, Siwy, Washko,& GalvalchikCreative Writers Read Their Work
Session I President's Room Convener:  
12:45RosenbaumAntioxidants and Hydrogen Peroxide
1:00BumbargerPowerpoint Learning Modules
   in the Chemistry Classroom
1:15ShrockTerroriIn Darfur
Poster Session IHeritage Hall  1:30-2:30 
Session II

Scholar's Room Convener: Alessandra Lynch

2:30- 3:15Ogline, Schultz, Washko, Dostal, Fornoff, Priddy, Ammon, & GirardotCreative Writers Read Their Work
Session II

President's Room Convener: Patty Derrick

2:30StankanShakespeare, Power, and Kingship:
   The Ladder Goes Both Ways
2:45ShetlerRethinking Petruchio: 
   The Mask of a Young, Insecure Man
3:00NicodemusShakespeare’s Cleopatra:
   The Essence of Paradox & Hyperbole
Poster Session IIHeritage Hall  3:15-4:15 
Session III

Scholar's Room Convener: PK Harmon

4:15Master, Fabina, LambCreative Writers Read Their Work
Session III

President’s Room: Convener: Sharon Bertsch

4:15ZeglinAge Differences in the Acquisition
   and Generalization of a Task
4:30LambertSoftware Engineering Student
   Submission and Forum Tool