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Stronger Connections with all our Communities

A Vision of Stronger Connections with all our Communities from the Local to the Global 

There is greater level of purposeful engagement and collaboration between the University and its various communities, from the Greater Johnstown area and beyond. Pitt-Johnstown is more active with its external constituencies, including alumni, community organizations, area businesses and entities from the local to the global level.  There is a greater recognition that the University and the City are inextricably linked, their fortunes rising together.  We are pleased to see that our New Dimension of Excellence plan reinforced our relationship to the community and deepened our historic ties.  More of our alumni and community members show their appreciation for our endeavors through greater levels of involvement and higher levels of contributions. We are a more attentive and responsive community citizen that is also more sensitive to the workforce needs of our local and regional communities.  There is a greater consensus about our positive value to the community and to the well-being of the Commonwealth.  “Best-kept secret” and “hidden jewel,” no more!  

Additionally, our internal Pitt-Johnstown family is much stronger through a strengthened culture of positive engagement, civility, shared governance, trust and communication.  We are also proud of the great strides we have made to enhance our relations with the larger University of Pittsburgh family through a collegial and collaborative approach that advanced Pitt-Johnstown’s agenda. 

We enjoy a more inclusive internal environment, having incorporated the key recommendations of the Inclusive Community Task Force.  More quality students, faculty and staff reflect the richness of our pluralistic society, including more historically underrepresented persons.  From our vantage point, we look back with pride at the efforts we undertook to make this community more welcoming to all.  We also marvel at the broader levels of intercultural engagement and the deeper respect for our common humanity that ensued.  While our work is certainly not done on this front, we are pleased our efforts to develop a more inclusive community have enriched the living-learning environment, added luster to institutional distinctiveness and taken us a step closer to fulfilling America’s promise.

Having implemented key recommendations of the Global Education Task Force, Pitt-Johnstown now produces more real-world-ready graduates for the hyper-competitive world of the 21st century. This was no mean feat and did not occur overnight, nor without intentional, and even arduous, curricular discussions/revisions by our esteemed faculty.  Through a mix of experiences, including exposure to foreign language and cultures, as well as fundamental international courses, our graduates now evince a greater degree of global literacy and intercultural competence; they possess more of the skills, dispositions and competencies necessary for successful participation, service and leadership in an increasingly interdependent world. Our globally aware graduates are more familiar with the pressing issues of our time, as well as social, political, economic, ecological, cultural and technological changes at the local and global levels, and their overlapping consequences. Pitt-Johnstown has opened more doors and windows to the world, invited more international students to participate in the University and, at the same time, sent more students to study abroad. More faculty avail themselves of international faculty exchanges and other transnational scholarly collaborations and engagements that lead to professional growth and benefit students.