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Enhanced Campus Experience and Environment

A Vision of an Enhanced Campus Experience and Environment for Student Success and Active Involvement 

After successfully implementing its New Dimension of Excellence plan, Pitt-Johnstown has emerged as a leader at the forefront of public and private baccalaureate colleges with respect to its high quality and supportive campus experience and environment for student success in the real world. We are a leader in this area because we have strengthened the quality of student life programs and enhanced their connection to preparing students for the real world.  Our institution has seen a significant increase in the levels of student satisfaction with services provided, strengthening our claim to a student-friendly culture of service. In all aspects of the University, there is a service-oriented ethos marked by concern for the long-term interests and success of students, (including non-traditional/adult and commuter students), as well as best practices in preparing students for the Real World of the 21st century.  Having implemented the key recommendations of the Student-Friendly Culture of Service Task Force, assessments of our practices and processes show a greater degree of satisfaction with the experience from orientation to graduation.

Furthermore, assessments of our living-learning experience show that we have premier campus life programs to stimulate students’ personal and professional development and to engage them in the real world.  Pitt-Johnstown is a leader at the forefront, not only in academics but also, with regard to our out-of-classroom offerings. Students experience richer and more efficacious social, cultural and athletic activities, as well as a greater focus on civic engagement, leadership development and wellness. There are greater linkages between classroom and out-of-classroom activities, a richer dimension to residential life and greater involvement in activities that promote the habits of citizenship from the local to the global level. The campus environment is more vibrant, the spirit more pervasive and involvement is widespread. We are even more thrilled to shout our rallying cry, “Mountain Cat Proud!”

After a process of extensive capital investment in facilities, including new, renovated and upgraded buildings, our campus is even more attractive. We are pleased with the results of efforts that grew out of the recommendations of the Facilities, Infrastructure and Technology (FIT) Task Force. Many long-standing concerns have been addressed, moving us closer to achieving the ambitious goals established by the FIT Task Force, including enhanced use of technology inside and outside the classroom.  Our first-class Health and Wellness Center has contributed to a campus community with an increasing awareness of the kinship between mind, body and spirit.