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Grad School Prerequisites


Do you need to complete additional coursework before you can be admitted to graduate school? Are you looking toward financial aid to help cover the costs? Well, this information may help you.

You may apply for a Stafford Loan for coursework that you need to complete before being admitted to a graduate program. However, some stipulations exist.

  • You must provide documentation from the school to which you are applying that shows the prerequisite requirements needed for admittance into the graduate program.
  • The coursework in which you enroll must be part of an eligible program that is offered by Pitt-Johnstown.
  • You may not take classes to raise your QPA in order to be admitted into a graduate program. You are eligible to receive financial aid for only those classes that are required prerequisites for admission into a graduate program.
  • You must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) in required prerequisites.

If you meet these criteria and you have completed the FAFSA, you are eligible to receive Stafford Loan funding up to $5500 for the year if you are a dependent student or $12,500 for the year if you are an independent student, provided you have not reached the $31,000 undergraduate aggregate.    

Last Reviewed: February 25, 2008