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Second Degree


Are you thinking about coming back to school to pursue a second degree? Are you looking toward financial aid to help cover the costs? Well, this information may help you.

In order to receive financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the school year that you wish to attend. Since you have already earned a degree, you will only be eligible for loans. Your advisor will have to evaluate the number of credits from your first degree that will count toward your second degree. As long as you have not reached your aggregate undergraduate loan amount of $31,000, you may borrow through the Stafford Loan program.                                

Completed CreditsDependent Students Independent Students
0-23$ 5500 (of which $3500 can be subsidized)$ 9500 *(of which $3500 can be subsidized)
24-53 $ 6500 (of which $4500 can be subsidized) $ 10,500 *(of which $4500 can be subsidized)
54 or more $ 7500 (of which $5500 can be subsidized) $ 12,500 * (of which $5500 can be subsidized)

If you need additional money to help cover the cost of your education, alternative loans are an available resource. Many banks and outside lending agencies offer alternative loan programs. As long as you continue to meet your lender’s requirements for borrowing, you may borrow alternative loans until you complete your degree.  Click here for more information about Alternative Loans.

Last Reviewed: February 25, 2008