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Student Council on World Affairs

The Student Council on World Affairs (SCWA) was created in 1983 to advance campus and community awareness of different societies and cultures around the world and how they influence and are influenced by international relations among countries, including the United States.  SCWA has a long history of organizing symposia, presentations, films, and public lectures on current foreign and international issues on the Pitt-Johnstown campus, and participating in similar types of events at the University of Pittsburgh, especially those coordinated by the University Center for International Studies (UCIS), the Center for West European Studies (CWES), and the European Union Center (EUC).  SCWA members also participate in competitive intercollegiate Model United Nations and Model European Union simulations, and host a Model United Nations for regional high schools (Pitt-JohnstownMUN).

Model United Nations
For over a decade, students at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown have successfully participated in intercollegiate Model United Nations (MUN) simulation team competition. Pitt-Johnstown teams are reconstituted every year and are always eager to recruit new students. Each team consists of 8-to-15 students and a faculty mentor who works with the students to help prepare for competitions. In each simulation, the students act as the representatives of a chosen country, and their performance is judged based on being "in-character" (acting like a representative from that nation would), on rhetorical and debate-skills, and on constructive effort in resolving the problem under consideration. The goal of any simulation is to prepare and present a well-documented resolution that addresses and resolves the issue at hand and will be adopted by a majority of the delegates.

Pitt-Johnstown has competed in MUN simulations hosted by other universities and colleges since 1985, including the national MUN at Harvard, the annual Dayton MUN, and the MUN hosted by Kent State University/Ashtabula. Pitt-Johnstown also hosts an annual Model United Nations for regional high schools (Pitt-Johnstown MUN).

Last Reviewed: August 9, 2006