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High Scores by Pitt-Johnstown Education Majors Surpass Statewide Average on Teacher Certification Exams

Pitt-Johnstown Education Grads Excel in State Teacher Certification Exams
Johnstown, PA, April 10, 2001

Education majors at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown scored above the Pennsylvania state average in all areas of the education certification examinations, according to the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which administers and scores the tests.

The Public Reporting of Certification Test Pass Rates, as announced by Dr. David Hayes, Chair of the College’s Education Division, reported on the scores of Pitt-Johnstown Education Division students who completed a certification program from September 1, 1999, to August 31, 2000.

“In order to become certified teachers in Pennsylvania, all students who complete the program must pass three categories of tests: Basic Skills, Professional Knowledge and Academic Content Area,” Dr. Hayes said. “In comparing Pennsylvania institutions, our state’s passing scores are among the highest of all states requiring tests.” Students from 96 Pennsylvania colleges took the test.

ETS designed the Basic Skills tests to assess the students’ competence in reading, writing, listening and mathematics. Of the 106 Pitt-Johnstown students who took the Basic Skills tests, 104, or 98%, passed both tests, 2% higher than the statewide rate of 96%.

The Professional Knowledge tests assess students’ knowledge of teaching theory and application, with 100% of Pitt-Johnstown students passing the test ? 8% higher than the statewide pass rate of 92%.

Pennsylvania also assesses students’ knowledge of the content of their Academic Content Areas, such as biology, English, mathematics and elementary education, with 98% passing at a 9% higher rate than statewide.

“The pass rates of Pitt-Johnstown education program graduates continue to be near 100% on required certification tests and, this year, we further demonstrate the ability to prepare our students to excel in this area,” Hayes said.

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