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Managerial Accounting


Managerial Accounting focuses on the development and interpretation of the information needs of users within the organization.  This information aids us establishing company golas, in planning and controlling the organization's activities, and in evaluating the performance of the organizations' departments and managers. 

A company (managers and executives) constantly needs information to run and control day-to-day operations.  These needs may include:  cash flow, inventory management, credit management, fixed asset management, and budgeting. A management accountant can provide this information as it is needed.  Classes in the managerial track provide the student with opportunities to develop skills in this area. 

Much of managerial accounting is financial (accounting) in nature, but it is organized in a manner relating directly to the current decisons management needs to make.

The managerial track is best suited for those students who may become a Certified Managment Accountant (CMA).  The national orgnization that provides information on management accounting is the Institute of Management Accountant's.


Last Reviewed: August 19, 2007