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Academic Advising

Pre-Business Major

Students entering Pitt-Johnstown are enrolled as a Pre-Business major.  In addition, students transferring from with the University or from another University are also enrolled as Pre-Business majors. 

Therefore, Pre-Business majors are students who have not yet declared a specific major in Business.  Students should not be concerned that they do not come into the University with a specific major.  Students in their freshman and sophomore years all take very similar class schedules.  See the link above for details. Therefore, most students in the second term of their sophomore year declare a concentration in Business (accounting, management, marketing, finance).   

Business majors whether Pre-Business or Business (with a concentration) should carefully review the Pitt-Johnstown General Education requirements.  These liberal arts courses are necessary to complete a Business degree.  See the link above for details.

Pre-Business students receive academic advising and class scheduling as a group. These group advising sessions are normally held one-week before the student has to register for Fall or Spring Term classes.   At any time a student has specific questions or needs, they are encouraged to seek out a Business faculty member to discuss their individual situation with.  Students can obtain the availability of faculty by obtaining the faculty schedules which are normally posted on the faculty members door.  Business Faculty offices are located in Biddle Hall - Rooms 123 and 133. 

Declaring a Concentration in Accounting or Finance

Students are able to change from a pre-business major to a Business Major with a concentration of Accounting or Finance by completing certain course work as well as maintaining a certain QPA level.  Students are provided with three options.  See the link above for details. 

The majority of Pre-Business majors complete this process during their second-term of their sophomore year.  Students can begin this process by completing the proper forms which can be obtained in the Pitt-Johnstown Social Science Office in 104 Krebs Hall. 

Accounting and Finance Majors

Accounting Majors 

Students who have declared their concerntration in accounting will be advised by Mr. Greg Petyak, Mr. Daniel Yunetz, or Mrs. Deborah Smiach Zakrzwski.  Students may request a specific advisor if they choose.   Courses are specific as to financial or managerial accounting.  See the link above for details.

Accounting Advisors are located in 123 Biddle Hall.

Finance Majors 

Students who have declared their concentraiton in Finance will be advised by Mr. James Teague.  See the link above for details.

All accounting and finance advisors are located in Biddle Hall Room 123. 

Students will receive instructions from the Pitt-Johnstown Registrar's Office on when they are scheduled to register for the upcoming term.  Students will then be required to contact their advisor and "sign-up" for an advising session.  Students are encouraged to discuss their career goals with their advisor in order to optimize their academic experience at Pitt-Johnstown. 

Last Reviewed: August 20, 2007