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Are You In a "Bad" Relationship?


It is often hard to end a relationship even when you know it is "bad" for you. A "bad" relationship is one that:

  • involves continual frustration,
  • seems to have potential but that potential is always just out of reach,
  • involves a person who doesn't want a committed relationship or is not capable of engaging in one,
  • chronically lacks what one or both need,
  • prevents those involved from moving forward with their personal growth and development and maybe also their career path,
  • little meaningful communication, and
  • little mutual enjoyment or satisfaction.

In "bad" relationships, people are robbed of several essential freedoms, such as:

  • the freedom to be their best selves,
  • the freedom to love the other person through choice rather than through dependency, and
  • the freedom to leave the relationship.

Despite the pain of these relationships, many intelligent, rational and otherwise practical people find that they are unable to leave, even though they know the relationship is bad for them. They are "stuck" in the relationship!

If you are stuck in a bad relationship, contact the Pitt-Johnstown Personal Counseling Center (x7119) for assistance. We can meet with you individually, and/or we can meet with you and your (boyfriend/girlfriend) together (i.e. couples counseling). Don't settle for staying stuck in an unhealthy relationship. You deserve better! Please call. 


Last Reviewed: January 2, 2008