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Coach Clyde Horner Earns 600th Career Coaching Victory

Coach Clyde Horner Earns 600th Career Coaching Victory

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"There are a lot of reasons why a coach gets to the 600-win plateau," Coach Horner said as he nears the milestone. "He has to show longevity, patience and a host of other characteristics. He has to be in a good system like Pitt-Johnstown provides. But most of all, he has to have good student-athletes. I tell my girls that I haven't won a point or lost a point the whole time I've coached. Six hundred wins means I've been fortunate enough to have coached many talented young men and women. My hat is off to all of the athletes on all of the teams, as well as this year's fine group of ladies who have won over 20 matches in each of the past two years. In that respect, I feel very lucky, indeed" Coach Horner said.

Horner began his tenure at Pitt-Johnstown by coaching men's soccer for six seasons beginning in 1969. In the six years, he recorded a 22-22 (.500) overall record. From 1975 to 1982, Horner posted a 146-25 (.854) record as the Lady Cat basketball coach before being named men's basketball coach prior to the 1982-83 season. After going 43-85 (.333) in five seasons as the men's basketball coach, Horner stepped aside and became the head women's track coach in 1987. From 1987 through the present season, Horner has led the Lady Cat track team to a 108-38 (.740) record. In addition to these duties, Horner coached the women's volleyball team in 1988 and 1989, then from 1991 through the present, where he has a 283-129 (.678) record. Included in the volleyball record is this year's 24-6 overall record.

In all, Coach Horner has won 100 or more games or matches in women's basketball, women's track, and women's volleyball.

Coach Horner's women's basketball team posted a 21-0 record in 1976 and was ranked #1 in the nation in 1979. The following season, Horner led the Lady Cats to the Final Four.

In 1994, Coach Horner's track team finished 10-0 and his volleyball team went 27-7, giving him a 40-7 overall record for the year.

Following another successful volleyball season, Coach Horner has posted a 602-299 (.670) overall record at Pitt-Johnstown.

Broken down even further, Coach Horner has a 65-107 (.378) record coaching men's teams and a 537-192 (.664) record coaching women's teams.

Coach Horner, who received his Master's Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972, and his wife Carol of 33 years, reside in Salix. They have two daughters, Amy (1995 graduate of Pitt-Johnstown) and Joy (deceased).

The campus applauds Coach Horner for his outstanding accomplishment.
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