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Q. What is the difference between a “pre-business” major and a “business major?”
Until students have successfully completed a core complement of courses they will be classified as pre-business students. As a pre-business student you will be restricted from registering for many upper level business classes. Once you have successfully completed a core complement of courses you will then declare and area of concentration (Management, Finance or Accounting) and be assigned a code that will allow you to register for any business class for which you have met prerequisites. To determine what courses you must complete as well as other requirements to declare your area of concentration, check with a faculty member or inquire at the Social Sciences Division Office (Krebs Hall Room 104). Most students should have completed the required core classes and declared their area of concentration during the second term of their sophomore year. In some cases, students can declare their concentration earlier, check to see if you qualify.

Q. Who is my advisor and what is this notion about group advising?
When you come to Pitt-Johnstown you will be assigned an individual advisor who will generally be available to you for guidance or advice on a host of academic or other matters. If you have not yet declared a concentration the formal advising process for registration will take place in group sessions. Given the high volume of pre-business students and the uniform requirement to complete core classes the advising can be done in a group setting. Group advising sessions take place within the two-week period just prior to registration. You can check in the Social Science Division offices to find out the time and date of these sessions or check the Pre-Business Group Advising page on the website. Should you have questions please contact the Department Chairman or any of the other business faculty for assistance.

Q. Can I take classes at other schools and have them transferred for credit into Pitt-Johnstown’s Program?
It depends.  Each situation is different. Contact your advisor or the Department Chairperson.  Once you are enrolled at Pitt-Johnstown the Department will typically not approve transferring business courses from other schools.

Q. What is a “free elective”?
The graduation requirements for the BA degree in Business at Pitt-Johnstown require the student to successfully complete general studies courses, business core courses and the courses required in the concentration sought. In addition the student must have completed a total of 120 credit hours for graduation. If you take no courses other than those that are required in the program, in general you will complete approximately 102-104 credit hours. So, in order to fulfill the college requirement of 120 credits for graduation you must take some additional classes. The courses that you take are entirely up to you (assuming you meet the prerequisites). For example, if you are a Management student you may want to take a couple of additional accounting classes, or perhaps some classes in Communications. It is suggested that you consult with your advisor before taking classes that are not part of the requirements for your Business degree.

Q. Can I minor in Business?
We currently do not offer a minor in Business at Pitt-Johnstown.

Q. Can I minor in another field while I still major in Business?
Yes, certainly you can pursue a minor of study. To determine the requirements of the minor you will need to contact the appropriate Department Chairperson of the discipline in which you seek to do additional study.

Q. Does Pitt-Johnstown offer a program in International Business?
No, a program in International Business is not available at Pitt-Johnstown at this time. However, we do have a Business Certificate in International Studies available at Pitt-Johnstown which many business students have completed.  This certificate is a great option for students wanting to expand their educational experience.  And with careful planning it can be completed within a four year time period.

Q. I have an internship opportunity. Can I use this opportunity to get academic credit?
It depends. You should check out the requirements of the Internship Program or contact the Department of Management’s internship coordinator.

Q. I don’t know much about each of the concentrations in Business in order to make a good decision in determining what to declare. What should I do?
Speak with a faculty member, check out the brief descriptions of each field of study and the potential career opportunities afforded to you in the functional area. In addition we suggest you talk to people who are currently performing a job function that you are interested in. See what they suggest.

Q. I am having difficulty with a particular class. Are there any resources available for help?
Yes. We suggest that you contact the Learning Resources Center for assistance.

Q. What types of jobs are available in Marketing?
Check out Careers available in Marketing for a sampling of career opportunities.

Q. What types of jobs are available in Information Systems?
A. Check out Careers available in Information Systems for a sampling of career opportunities.

Q. Can I take upper-level courses in business even if I have not yet declared my concentration?
It depends. Some students who have transferred and as well as some students who have changed their majors here at Pitt-Johnstown may have already taken many of the core classes but have not yet the minimum requirements to declare their concentration. Some of these students may need to take upper-level classes to stay on track. Contact the Department Chairperson to see if you qualify.

Last Reviewed: November 23, 2004