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Being Undecided, Undeclared

It is not unusual for college freshmen to be undecided about their choice of an academic major.  Often students have interest in several areas, but don’t feel that they have enough information about particular programs or career directions to make a firm decision about majoring in one field or another.  Sometimes they simply do not want to have to choose between programs at an early stage of their college career, or they want to remain undeclared while keeping their options open. Each year nearly 20% of entering freshmen enroll as “undeclared or “undecided” students.  Some students may indicate a preference for a range of fields, but not be ready to designate a single field as a major.  Other students are committed to completing a college education, but are genuinely undecided about what specific field they’ll pursue. We understand that.  That’s why we believe that the process of moving from undecided to decided doesn’t have to be painful.  An important part of the college experience is learning how to learn — and learning how to decide.  The faculty and staff at Pitt-Johnstown will help you with that.

  • Your first class schedules will be pre-arranged for you so that you begin with the most appropriate basic courses.
  • The orientation class for freshmen called University Scholarship 0100 will include plenty of advice on how to select — and change — your major.  Students can choose from over 40 Undergraduate programs.
  • Freshman Seminars, specially designed workshops and other Pitt-Johnstown services can help you make the transition to college life, and will provide information and advice.

Some students interested in pre-professional studies, such as pre-law or pre-medicine begin their program as “undeclared” because their choice of a designated major can easily be delayed for a year, while they complete the preliminary sequence of required courses in their pre-professional track.
Pitt-Johnstown provides a diverse and challenging undergraduate academic experience that both develops one's mind and opens a vast range of career opportunities.  All of those opportunities are available to students who are initially undecided. 
Last Reviewed: March 25, 2006