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Business Certificate


The Business Certificate Program is designed primarily for part-time adult students admitted through Adult Education.  It provides a 30-credit, career-oriented course of study for students who may eventually pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Business.

The Business Certificate Program has two components:

I.  Distribution component (15 credits):
       Computer Science 0081 or above
       Communication 0052
       English Composition 0005 or above
       Mathematics 0001 or above
       Psychology 0200

II.  Business core courses (15 credits):
       Business 0115 - Accounting Principles 1
       Business 0500 - Management
       Business 0510 - Marketing
       Business 1520 - Organizational Behavior
       Business Elective (Upon Advisement)

While many of these courses are frequently offered in the evening, students in the Business Certificate Program may have to complete several of the course requirements in daytime class sessions.

Students may transfer up to 15 approved equivalency credits from other institutions, provided that at least 15 required course credits (including at least three of the Business core courses) are completed at Pitt-Johnstown and at least a 2.00 overall QPA is maintained. 

Last Reviewed: June 29, 2005