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Oral Presentations

Spring 2007
Sesion IScholar's Room: Convener: Michael Cox
T-I 12:45-1:30Stokes, Dedik, Rauch, SchmidtCreative Writers Read Their Work
Session IPresident's Room Conever: TBA
T-I 12:45-1:30DiamondHindered Rotation of an OH-Li Center in MgO: Infrared 
Absorption Experiments and Theory
Session IIScholar's Room: Convener: Patrick Harmon
T-II 2:30- 3:15Rummel, Kazmer, McVey, PolliniCreative Writers Read Their Work
Session IIPresident's Room Conever: TBA
T-II 2:30HowarthMaculinity in Stephen Crane's Red Badge of Courage
Session IIIScholar's Room: Convener: Alessandra Lynch
T-III 4:15 - 5:00Kuykendall, Sokol, Berkey, Stiffey, MacyCreative Writers Read Their Work
Rivera, Girardot, Goch
Session IIIPresident's Room Convener: TBA
T-III 4:15Hoy, Delozier, Kemp & BabyakPanthera: A Genetic College Course Scheduler
T-III 4:30ZiemskiMasculinity of The Perks of Being a Wildflower
Session IIIUniversity Room: Convener: TBA
4:15 - 4:45Shrift & St. ClairA Betrothal: a one act play
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