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Where do our Chemistry majors go after graduation?

Graduate School

About half of the Chemsitry majors go on to graduate school after graduating from Pitt-Johnstown. Here is a list of schools that have accepted recent Pitt-Johnstown graduates.

Career Opportuntities in Industry

Those students who do not choose to attend graduate school have been successful in securing jobs in industry, govenrment and the service sector. Many of the graduates who earn advanced degrees go on to work in industry. To learn more about companies employing recent graduates select this link.

Teaching High School Chemistry

Students who select the Secondary Education- Chemistry option have been very successful in securing jobs teaching high school chemistry.  Often it is a high school chemistry who inspires a student to study chemistry and our alumni encourage their students to consider Pitt-Johnstown to study chemistry. To learn more about the school districts where Pitt-Johnstown gradautes are teaching high school chemisry select this link.

Career Opportunities in Academia

Our graduates also choose careers in academia. These institutions range from community colleges, comprehensive four-year institutions, small liberal arts colleges and major research univerisities. Follow this link to learn more.

Chemistry and Biochemistry also lead to Medical School

Many students choose chemistry or biochemistry as a route to medical school and other professional programs in the health scienes. Follow this link for a list of schools attended by our graduates.

Learn more about career opportunties in chemistry

The web sites of the American Chemical Society and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology provide a wealth of information on career opportunities in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  
Career Descriptions
The American Chemical Society provides an exhaustive list of career opportunities. Each career option features vignets of individuals working in the field.
Career Opportunities in Biochemistry
This page from the American Chemical Society describes the discipline and the wide range of applications and opportunities available.
Chemistry Career Profiles
Learn about people who "do" chemistry.
Career Insights from ASBM Today
These short articles written by biologists and biochemists descsribe thier jobs and the considerations that went into their career decisions.
Last Reviewed: March 11, 2008