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Upcoming Campus Meetings: Finalizing Our Shared Vision Together

Upcoming Campus Meetings: Finalizing Our Shared Vision Together

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This is an important and exciting time at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  The process of Developing a Shared Vision Together ushered in at the beginning of this academic year is entering the final and culminating stage.  I have been gratified that members of the various "new dimensions of excellence" task forces have been very busy fulfilling the charges of their respective groups.  I gather that the surveys, analysis, data collection, debates and more surveys have left many a little exhausted but nonetheless appreciative of an inclusive process-with wide-ranging contributions from community members.  To facilitate the completion of this process and to further the inclusivity that has characterized it, my office will be scheduling meetings with members of our campus community in the coming weeks.

Over the next week or so, the chairperson of each task force will soon complete a report of task force activity, including the set of findings and recommendations that emerged from their deliberations.  These reports will be finished and submitted to my office by March 7th, and will shortly thereafter be made available online for review and comment by the UPJ Community.  Subsequently, to gather input from all constituencies, I will be meeting with UPJ faculty members, staff, students, Advisory Board and others to discuss task force findings, recommendations and outcomes and to solicit further input.  By the end of April, a long-range plan will be developed based on the shared vision surveys, the administrative and academic program reviews and the reports and recommendations of the task forces, and campus input.  This completed plan will be made available before the end of the academic year.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of our community, especially the chairs of the task forces and the various subsections, for doing the bulk of the work that will enable the community to have an updated long-range plan to facilitate our endeavor to launch a New Dimension of Excellence for UPJ.  I understand that this planning activity is an additional duty over and above your tireless efforts to educate and serve our students everyday.  On behalf of the University, we are especially grateful for such sterling service.

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Jem Spectar, President

Posted by Kim Lang on 2/28/2008 3:55:00 PM


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