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Drop-In Writing

Students may come to drop-in writing sessions with papers and work with a trained ASC writing tutor to improve focus, development, clarity, support, and other important qualities for an effective paper. Our tutors can help students plan a paper, brainstorm for ideas, organize thoughts, and refine expression.

Our tutors are skilled writers, but in our writing lab their role is to be an effective responder. Our tutors can help students learn to be more effective self-editors, and, while they won’t proofread and correct papers for students, they will point out patterns of errors and show students strategies for catching (and avoiding) typical errors.

Writing tutors can help students learn ways to avoid plagiarism when writing with sources and can help students learn about the basic conventions of MLA and APA formatting.

In order for our tutors to help you most effectively, it’s useful if you can come by with specific questions or concerns about your paper. And, we find that it’s difficult to help students work on papers when the deadline is looming, so it’s helpful if you bring your paper by the ASC at least several days before it’s due (so that you’ll have time to make the kinds of changes that your tutor discusses with you).

Students are welcome to work on writing assignments in the ASC computer lab.

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Last Reviewed: February 12, 2008