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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Is there a cost for ASC services?

The ASC is funded by student fees and other general University resources. There’s no direct cost to students who use our services.

Is the ASC open to all Pitt-Johnstown students?

Yes. All ASC services are available to all currently enrolled Pitt-Johnstown students, both full- and part-time.

When is the ASC open?

The ASC is open during the regular academic year from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Can I work at the ASC?

Perhaps. Please see our Work Opportunities at the ASC.

Tutoring Questions

How do I get a tutor?

Students request a tutor online for any course in which you are currently enrolled.

How much tutoring may I request?

Students may request up to two hours of tutoring per week in up to two classes.

How does the ASC select its tutors?

Students interested in working as an ASC tutor complete a tutoring application online. The ASC reviews the application and the student's academic transcript, then the coordinator of the tutoring program meets with the prospective tutor for an interview. In most cases the ASC will contact faculty references for a recommendation.

Does the ASC have tutors available for all classes?

We try to provide tutoring for all classes for which we get requests. Because we depend on students to work as tutors, we’re not always able to provide a tutor for each student or for every class. We attempt to fill each request, but there are often a few courses for which we are unable to find qualified tutors. In those cases we work with faculty to recruit additional tutors. We provide tutors on a first-come, first-served basis, so your chances of getting a tutor are greatest if you submit your request early in the semester.

May I request a particular tutor?

We match tutors with students on a first-come, first-served basis, so we are unable to guarantee that you'll be able to work with a tutor you choose. However, we feel that all of our tutors are well-qualified and well-supported, so we're confident that you'll be matched with an effective tutor.

What are my responsibilities as far as tutoring goes?

The responsibilities of students seeking tutoring are explained on the tutoring agreement section of the tutor request form.

When and where do I meet my tutor?

When the ASC matches you with a tutor we notify both of you by email that we've made a match. We leave it up to you and your tutor to determine the best time and place to meet. We require that all tutoring take place on campus and in a common area (not in a residence hall room, apartment, or townhouse). We have limited tutoring space available at the ASC, and many students meet their tutors in the library, in an empty classroom, or in a study room in a residence hall.

I'm having a problem with my tutor. What can I do about it?

We hire tutors who have effective interpersonal skills and we train them in a variety of different techniques for interacting with students. Infrequently, however, problems do occur. If that happens, we urge you to contact Chris Porter, the coordinator of our peer tutoring program. She may have ideas for ways to smooth the interaction between you and your tutor, or she may decide to offer you another tutor. In any event, we're here to help, so please contact us if any problems arise.

What if I need more help than tutoring can provide?

You may request one hour of tutoring per week in one or two courses. If you feel that you need additional academic assistance, you may attend any drop-in or group review sessions for your course. We encourage you to meet with your professors during their office hours if you're having a specific problem. You may also make an appointment to meet with one of the ASC's professional learning specialists.

Disability Services Questions

What do I do if I think I may have a disability?

For more details about our disability services, please see the disability services web page.

I have a diagnosed disability. Who do I talk to for help?

Students with disabilities should contact the Director of Disability Services, Theresa Horner, to set up an appointment to discuss the ways that Pitt-Johnstown can address the students' disabilities. Students who would like to request academic accommodations should also notify their instructors of their disability.

Last Reviewed: September 17, 2008