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Resources and Policies

Network Access

Network, Internet and E-mail access are provided for all office computers. All desktops are running under the Windows 7 platform, support centralized data backup, and require a customized logon name and password for machine access. (This may or may not be the same as your regular Pitt network account name. See the Account Information page for more information.)

Computer Buy Program

The university supports a program from several major computer vendors that offers discounted prices on new computers. This program normally runs from mid-summer through the fall term. Information on the program is available by visiting the Information Technology Web Site for additional information on computing topics and available support services.

Software Buy Program

The university provides the faculty and staff the opportunity to purchase software for personal use at very low cost through Software Licensing Services. The Microsoft suite of software includes several popular titles including Office, FrontPage and all Operating Systems can be purchased through CSSD.


Color scanners are available in the Blackington 238 computer lab.


Network printing is provided for all offices via departmental or division supported printers.

Color printing,large format poster printinglarge volume printing and specialty printing are available for a small fee through the Print Shop.


Transparencies and Lamination

Black and white transparencies, Color Transparencies, and laminating are available for a small fee through the Print Shop.

Faculty Desktop Computers

All fulltime faculty are provided computers through the Faculty Desktop Program. The replacement cycle for computers is three years. The software provided through this program includes the suite available for the student computer labs and is available for download at the website :

Requests for computers for part-time faculty can be submitted through the PJIT Support Desk.

Staff Desktop Computers

All full-time staff are provided computers through the Staff Desktop Program. The software provided through this program is a centrally purchased, common suite that includes Microsoft Office, anti-virus protection. Additionally, software outside of this poll must be purchased departmentally and meet all University licensing policies.


Requests for computers for part-time faculty can be submitted through the PJIT Support Desk.

Facilities for Students with Special Needs

All computing labs feature wheelchair-accessible workstations. Special services for students with physical handicaps or learning disabilities are available in the Academic Success Center, G16 Owen. 269-7109 or x7109.

Software Request for Faculty Desktops and Computer Labs

Software for Instructional purposes is provided centrally by Software Licensing Services. Requests can be made via the website:

New software requests for next semester are due by May 1st for the following fall term and October 1st for the following spring term.

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