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Students Say Thank You

Each year students receiving donor-funded scholarships are asked to write thank-you notes to those individuals that made their scholarship funding possible.  This year we asked some of these students to allow us to share their words of thanks.

I would like to extend to you my sincere gratitude for your generosity in donating money towards a scholarship at Pitt-Johnstown.  College is an expensive endeavor, but with your kind generosity, the journey is possible. 
--Caitlyn Thomas recipient of the John N. Crichton Scholarship

I could never thank you enough for this scholarship and show you how truly grateful I am to have received it.  I would like you to know that with every scholarship I receive, I use that as another reason why I need to push on and do my best.  If I do not do my best, not only am I letting myself down but also, I am letting you down.  That would be a waste of money for you to invest in me.  Thank you very much and keep helping students achieve their dreams.
--Crystal Keim recipient of the Bella G. and Samuel G. Coppersmith Scholarship

I greatly appeciate your generosity.  Your scholarship will help me to achieve my goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.  I am currently a freshman and your gift has given me a starting foundation for the journey ahead.
--Mary Rhoades recipient of the Sally S. Bloom Memorial Scholarship

I greatly appreciate the scholarship you have given to me.  It will help me achieve my dreams.
--Kayla Hyatt recipient of the James E. and Margaret Wilkes Scholarship

Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and it will help me pursue my career and goals.  I plan on becoming a business major and owning my own business some day.  Your donation has affected my life in a very positive way, and I thank you deeply.  Because of your generosity, I'm on course for success.
--Travis Buffy recipient of the Frank H. and Violet R. Ashbridge Memorial Scholarship

I am writing to thank you for your most benevolent contribution.  Many students including myself depend on philanthropic donors like you to aid in the pursuit of higher education.  I have taken every opportunity given to me to excel in this pursuit the past years at Pitt-Johnstown.  Thank you once again; I assure you that your contribution is actually a fine investment.
--Eric Yacho recipient of the Marcia Ponas Warrick Memorial Scholarship

Thank you for selecting me to receive your award.  I feel very honored to be given this privilege.  I recently applied to graduate school at IUP to further my education in biology.  I plan on continuing after receiving my master's degree and hopefully getting my Ph.D.
--Kayla McGee recipient of the Dr. Robert W. Hartnett Scholarship

I wanted to genuinely thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness.  I felt so fortunate to receive the scholarship.  It has given me more motivation to work as hard as I possibly can in college and at everything I do.  It reminded me that good things can come from working hard.
--Stacie Popowski recipient of the Marcia Ponas Warrick Memorial Scholarship

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will help lessen the burdens of student loans.  I will use the funds you provided to further my education in political science and history because I plan to attend law school next year.  I appreciate any organization willing to grant scholarships, and I hope you are able to financially assist another student like me for years to come.  Thank you for recognizing the importance of education.
--Curtis Irwin recipient of the David A. Glosser Foundation Scholarship

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Last Reviewed: January 22, 2008