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Pitt-Johnstown Forum to Address Solutions to Global Warming

Pitt-Johnstown Forum to Address Solutions to Global Warming

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     Over 20 speakers representing various disciplines at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and three guest speakers from the local community will give brief presentations on Global Warming Solutions at a forum being held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, January 31 in the Student Union Cambria Room on the UPJ campus.

     This timely forum is being presented just as industry, government and communities across the nation are searching for and developing ways to cope with this global threat.  Speaking about the event, organizer Dr. Mary Lavine said that “We hope this forum will provide a stimulus for discussion and engagement by our students, the UPJ community and the community at large.”

     Faculty presenters represent many fields, including allied health, anthropology, biology, business, chemistry, civil engineering, economics, education, electrical engineering, English, environmental studies, geography, history, journalism, mechanical engineering, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, and sociology.

     Presentations by UPJ faculty members are expected to include:

♦ “The Role of Skeptics and Critics in the Evolution of Climate Models”

♦ “Global Warming Solutions: A Postenvironmentalist Approach”

♦ “How Not to Argue about Global Warming: Expertise, Discourse, and Democracy”

♦ “U.S. Urban Policy and the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

♦ “Literary Markers of Global Warming”

♦ “Mapping Vulnerability”

♦ “Thermodynamic Heat—The One Nobody Talks About”

♦ Green Trees on Green Buildings among Green Lights”

♦ “The Nuclear Option”

♦ “How Do You Know if Your Building is Green?”

♦ “Hydrogen Fuel Cells”

♦ “The Carbon Cycle: The Key to Viable Means of Carbon Sequestration”

♦ “Individual Preparations for Disruptive Events Tied to Environmental Change”

♦ “Impact of Global Warming on Alpine Plant Species”

♦ “Addressing the Global Warming Challenge is ‘Hot’ for Business”

♦ “Global Warming Solutions on the Political Slowtrack”

♦ “Yesterday and Tomorrow: Climate Change and History”

♦ “Putting the ‘Global’ in Global Warming”

♦ “The Political Economy of Global Warming”

♦ “Global Warming as a Human-Rights Violation”

♦ “Inconvenient Truths and Cognitive Consistency: How People Cope with Inconsistent Beliefs Regarding Environmental Crises”

♦ “India, China and Human Impact on the Planet”

♦ “ Biofuels: Current and Future Potential”

♦ “The Role of the Media”

♦ “Medical Implications of Global Warming”

♦ “Global Warming and Global Water Supply: Is there a Solution?”

      In addition to faculty, three guest speakers will make presentations at the forum.  They include:

♦ Brad Clemenson, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, “The Climate Change Roadmap for Pennsylvania”

♦ Brandi Nagle, ’03 environmental studies, Policy Analyst for Environmental Credit Corporation, “The Role of Carbon Credits in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions”

♦ Eric Foley, Saint Francis Renewable Energy Center, “Local Renewable Energy Projects”

     UPJ President Dr. Jem Spectar will offer welcoming remarks.

     UPJ’s Global Warming forum is one of 1000 similar Focus the Nation events taking place January 31 at colleges and universities across the country.  Organizers at UPJ hope to “initiate a movement by students and citizens in the region to inform and education each other and our friends and colleagues to the details of the phenomenon having perhaps the single most import global impact on our future, global climate change.”

     The event is free of charge and open to the public.

     For additional information on the UPJ event, contact Dr. Mary Lavine ( at 814-269-2992.

     For additional information on the event, visit

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