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This image is a sample of a Textbook Shelf Card. These cards are placed on the shelves above the books needed for each course. The information on these cards is taken from instructor requisitons (author, title, publisher, C) and from the Schedule of Classes provided by the Office of the Registrar (course information, A-Course and B-Class Number).

Textbooks are arranged alphabetically by Department (see map) (ex. Anthropology, Biology, Business, Chemistry, etc.) and then by Course Number (ex. Anthro 0800, Anthro 1290, Biol 0110, etc.).

To find your books you will need your schedule
. After finding the correct section, match the Course Name and Number from your schedule (ex. Anthro 0080) to the Course Name and Number on the shelf card (A). Then, find the Class Number on your schedule and match it to the Class Number on the shelf card (B). The books and any other course materials you need will be listed on the shelf card (C).

Required and Recommended - On the shelf cards, books and course materials are listed as Required or Recommended. If listed as Required, the instructor has informed the Bookstore that you will need the book for the course. If listed as Recommended, the instructor feels that, while not essential, the material could be helpful to the student. Recommended books are usually items such as Study Guides, Solutions Manuals, Dictionaries, etc.

New and Used Books - The Pitt - Johnstown Bookstore sells both new and used textbooks. The used books are placed on the shelves along with the new books and are marked with a "Used" sticker. Used books are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Book Buybacks - Several times per year, the Bookstore arranges for an independent used book company to purchase books from students.  Their requirements are that the books be the current edition, not overstocked at their warehouse and have a national resale value.  Since the used book company is not affiliated with the Bookstore, the books need not be currently in use at this campus.  These buybacks are generally held near the start of the Fall and Spring terms and during finals week.  As the exact dates and times become available, they will be posted in the Bookstore and on our website.

Textbook Reservations - With this service, students can reserve their required textbooks and supplies prior to the start of the Fall and Spring terms.  The books will then be ready for pick up when you arrive on campus.  You can reserve your books by phone, fax or email by sending us your name, courses and a daytime phone number.  Be sure to include the Course Number (e.g. EngWrt 0005) and the 5-digit Class Number as shown on your schedule.  Also specify if you prefer new or used books (new books are reserved by default when no used books are available for a title).  Payment is made when you pick the books up.  Reservations for the Fall term begin after July 1st and, for the Spring term, in mid-November.  We do suggest you read and understand our Book Return Policy before placing a reservation.

How Textbooks are selected

Faculty members submit book requisitions to the Bookstore indicating author,
title and edition. The Bookstore then proceeds to order the books after taking
into account the estimated enrollment for each class, the sales history of each title, etc.
The Bookstore has no voice in the selection of title or edition.

Last Reviewed: July 22, 2006