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Holiday Message from the President

Holiday Message from the President

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December 13, 2007

Season’s Greetings!  This is a most exciting time to be at UPJ.  We stand tall and proud as our record of excellence is increasingly reflected in the outstanding accomplishments of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  The spirit of the season is indeed alive at UPJ and I am personally very grateful for your support and goodwill.

Our fine institution is animated by the promise of tomorrow, by the vitality of our students, the scholarly teaching of dedicated faculty and the service of committed staff.  I am always overjoyed, when as happens from time to time, I am reminded of the majesty of it all in the most elemental  and essential way. A couple of weeks ago, as I walked down a hallway, I heard a really engaging voice stimulating dialogue and inquiry in a math class.  And there was Professor Joe Wilson making math fun, drawing the students’ attention with a quip or two as he challenged their minds. Next door, I discovered another engaging teacher, Professor Terry Shustrick, stimulating her student’s interest with an effective presentation.  Several weeks before it was Professor Amy Miller, Dr. Anthony Capon and many others who caught my attention as I wandered past their classrooms.  This is the stuff of a great University - teachers, professors, masters of their craft initiating new scholars into the Academy. 

Like our dedicated faculty, our staff colleagues are just as central to our success. This year several of them are celebrating significant milestones in their service to UPJ:

            · Five Years:  Ms. Lori Fresch, Ms. Theresa Horner, Mr. Scott Thiel, 
              Mr. Louis Vigna, Mr. Todd Williams
            · Ten Years:  Ms. Helen Golubic
            · Twenty Years:  Ms. Linda Baumgardner, Ms. Janet Hoffman, Mr. Roger Metzgar
            · Thirty Years:  Mr. Alan Eash, Ms. Carrie Owens, Mr. Ronald Rovansek
            · Forty Years:  Mr. Thomas Dupnock

Please join me in congratulating these good people and acknowledging their long term service to our students and the future of our communities. Thank you all!

Student engagement and campus enthusiasm are on the rise.  On a recent occasion, when I met with a group of our students, I was thoroughly impressed by their dedication to learning in companionship with each other.  The enviable esprit de corps and their genuine concern for, and goodwill toward one another, reminded me why I love to work in a university setting.  Our young men and women are among the most impressive, engaging and delightful I have ever encountered in any institution of higher learning. This fall also marked the launch of a new organization designed to foster school pride and spirit.  This organization, affectionately known as the Mountain Cat Maniacs, already has over 300 members. 

I was very pleased to be able to send our second community report to the members of our UPJ family.  This document detailed these and many other campus achievements.

And speaking of high points, the Goodwill Arches were recently unveiled in our campus mall, splendidly illuminating the spirit of the season at UPJ.  We hope these 10 arches will be a beacon to you and your family and will be a reason to visit the campus and enjoy the spirit of goodwill.  As we enter another year on the wings of hope and possibility, season’s greetings and goodwill to you and yours.

Jem Spectar

Posted by Kim Lang on 12/13/2007 9:00:00 PM


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