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What hardware is supported on Wireless PittNet?

In order to use Wireless PittNet, your Windows laptop must have an 802.11 b/g-compliant wireless network adapter that supports both the 802.1x standard and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Your Macintosh laptop must include Apple AirPort Extreme.  If your wireless adapter was manufactured in 2003 or more recently, it should work with Wireless PittNet.  If your wireless adapter is older, you may need to download the latest drivers and firmware from the manufacture’s Web site to connect to Wireless PittNet.

Which computer operating systems can I use with Wireless PittNet?

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.4 and higher are the only supported OS types.  CSSD does not currently support the Linux operating system.  Linux users who wish to attempt a connection on their own should keep in mind that the wireless network SSID is “WIRELESS-PITTNET” and WPA is used.

Why is Symantec AntiVirus so strongly recommended?

The University of Pittsburgh supports Symantec AntiVirus as stated in the Wireless Networking Standard.  Using Symantec provides a consistent level of security for both individual computers and the University’s network as a whole.  Symantec is provided at no cost to all University students, faculty, and staff.  In addition to being available at no cost, Symantec also provides other benefits.  For example, you can use Symantec both at home and while at work or at school.  And unlike other anti-virus programs, the version of Symantec provided on the Software Downloads area of never expires.

Can I connect my PDA or handheld device to Wireless PittNet?

At this time CSSD does not provide support for connecting handheld wireless devices to Wireless PittNet.  Future plans call for limited support of handheld wireless devices.  If your device supports 802.1x, you should be able to establish a connection to Wireless PittNet.  If you attempt a connection on your own, please keep in mind that the wireless network SSID is “WIRELESS-PITTNET” and WPA is used. More detailed information is available at

Can I connect my gaming device to Wireless PittNet?

No.  Wireless PittNet is intended for educational and research purposes.

Last Reviewed: October 29, 2007