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The Johnstown Educational Foundation was started in 1985, to raise funds for the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (Pitt-Johnstown).  A 501(c)(3) corporation, it exists solely to improve and advance the mission of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  It is distinguished by the fact that contributions are invested locally, and interest earned on these funds benefits Pitt-Johnstown.  The founders recognized that financial independence would have an impact on the quality of education and on the contribution the college was able to make regionally.

The purpose, as stated by the Articles of Incorporation, is:  the Foundation is formed and will be operated to receive, administer, and distribute property exclusively in connection with and for the benefit of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  The Foundation shall pay substantially all of its income and, at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Foundation, shall make grants of corpus to or for the use of Pitt-Johnstown for educational, charitable, and cultural purposes:  the improvement and enhancement of the quality of Pitt-Johnstown through grants for various academic, educational, cultural, sports, and recreational programs at Pitt-Johnstown, and promotion of faculty development at Pitt-Johnstown through grants for sabbaticals, seminars, research, and other educational programs for faculty improvement.

The Johnstown Educational Foundation is a charitable corporation under section 501(c)(3) and is registered with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations of the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Last Reviewed: January 18, 2008