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January 29, 2014 @ 7:30pm: "Sleeping Beauty" Nureyev Russian Ballet

"Sleeping Beauty" Nureyev Russian Ballet

Comments:  In a magical Fairy Kingdom, a Princess named Aurora was born to a wonderful King and Queen. The Kingdom’s Fairy of Protection, Lilac Fairy, and all of her maidens were invited to celebrate Princess Aurora’s birth. In the midst of the excitement, the royal family forgot to invite the wicked fairy, Carabosse. Although Carabosse is distraught by their neglect, she and her crew come to party anyway, but with evil intentions. She disguises herself as a beautiful fairy and pretends to enjoy the festivities. However, her evil becomes her and she casts a spell over Princess Aurora saying that on her 16th birthday she will prick her finger and die. Quick to save the Princess, the Lilac Fairy casts another spell saying that she will only fall asleep after pricking her finger. This ballet, in a prologue and three acts, tells the enchanting story of Aurora and her fate.

Tickets:  $35 Premium, $31 Regular and $27 Flex

For more information contact the Box Office at:  (814) 269-7200 or purchase tickets online at:


Starts: 01/29/14 7:30 PM
Ends: 01/29/14 9:40 PM
Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center