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Sociology Courses

Required Core Courses Are Listed in RED

For course descriptions, use the link at the bottom of the page.

Note that SOC 0100 (Introduction to Sociology) is required before all sociology courses except for SOC 0070 (Social Problems).

0070 Social Problems
0100 Introduction to Sociology
0221 Social Psychology
0300 Social Research Methods
0310 Complex Organizations
0320 Wealth and Power
0340 Political Sociology
0350 Introduction to Social Welfare
0380 Sociology of the Family
0390 Sociology of Religion
0400 Classical Sociological Theory
0430 Population and Society
0440 Urban Sociology
0461 Sociology of Gender
0500 Contemporary Sociological Theories
0510 Social Change
0520 Social Movements
0600 Sociology of Diversity
0710 Deviance and Social Control
0720 Introduction to Criminology
0740 Society and the Law
0750 Sociology of Aging
0790 Sociology of Education
1110 Historical Sociology
1350 Welfare Policy and Institutions
1439 Introduction to Sociobiology
1517 Global Political Economy
1670 Identity and Culture
1700 Senior Seminar in Sociology

1801 Special Topics in Sociology [Specialized Study Option]
1802 Directed Reading [Specialized Study Option]
1804 Special Topics in Sociology

Each course is not offered each academic term. Majors work with faculty advisers to lay out a personal academic plan of study that will fit with the curriculum offerings.

Last Reviewed: May 2, 2007