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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association office is located at 162 Student Union Building and the office phone number is 814-269-7087.
To learn more about the current Student Government Association members and activities, follow the following link:
The Student Government is the highest governing student body at Pitt-Johnstown and the official representative of the entire student body in relations with the University administration.  Responsibilities include matters that affect student life, granting or withdrawing recognition of student organizations, and allocating monies from the Student Activities Fee.  Student Government participates in many philanthropic programs, such as Pitt-Johnstown Preservation Day, Salvation Army’s Toy Drive and helping the American Red Cross.  Student Government’s annual activities include the planning and coordination of the Pitt Stop Program, free transportation to Pitt Football games, Mountain Cat Movie Channel (18), free student tickets to P.P.A.C. events, Newspapers in Education (free Tribune Democrat & USA Today for students), Winter Formal, and Student Activities Awards day.
Each student has a voice in this government through participation in campus-wide elections of Officers and Senators.  First year Senator elections are held each September, and President, Vice President, and Senator–at–Large elections take place each spring term.  Membership is open to any full–time student who meets the Election Committee requirements and presents a petition containing the appropriate number of signatures.  Complete information on election procedures is available in the Student Government Association Office.  Students interested in participating in should contact the Student Government President.  Meetings of the Student Government are open to members of the student body, faculty, and administration and are held in the Cambria Room in the Student Union.
Last Reviewed: April 27, 2010